Information for Vendors

Preparation is underway for the upcoming parade.  As always, it is held on the Sunday following Memorial Day.  The parade starts at 1:30 PM.

We are proud of our long parade tradition that started back in 1869, has continued ever since and become a part of the fabric of the Malvern community.  After the parade, there is a memorial ceremony honoring all American military veterans and other activities in Memorial Park. it is the oldest memorial commemoration in America.

Because of the nature of the park activities the number and types of vendors accepted is very limited.    If you are interested in being a vendor in the park or would like more information, please contact Richard Lee at

As in past years, all vendors must receive prior written approval from the Parade Committee and be issued a Vendor Permit.  Once the permit is issued, the Borough of Malvern requires several additional forms:

  • Malvern Borough Application for Salesman/Solicitors License ($5 fee).  Click link to download PDF.
  • Certificate of insurance naming the Borough of Malvern and the Upper Main Line Memorial Association as additional insureds, and
  • Copy of your current Health Department licenses (if selling food).

All of this information must be submitted to the Malvern Borough Police Department by May 15.

Vendors will be assigned their location on the eastern side of the “horseshoe“, several yards into the Paoli Memorial Park, which is on Monument Ave. in Malvern.  There will be water available from the spigot located on Monument Ave.  The Parade will start at 1:30 PM and will arrive in the Park by 2:00 PM.  Festivities in the park will continue for about 2½ hours.

Although there is not a fee directly applicable to Vendors, we certainly welcome your support of the Parade.  Our sponsorship form is available for download (PDF) by clicking here.

Thank your for your interest in participating in the festivities this year.  We look forward to having the day be not only a community success, but also a successful day for your business.