Program Features

Each year the Malvern Memorial Parade Committee includes in its Parade Program one or two special features, highlighting important historical events, special aspects of the parade, or other interesting items.  Click on the item that interests you to read the feature.

2003: Philadelphia’s Light Horse Troop

The First Continental Congress met in September 1774, in Philadelphia. On November 17, 1774, three members of a citizens’ committee asked to determine the most effective means of resisting the British, together with twenty-five other gentlemen formed the Light Horse...

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2002: Remember Paoli

The Campaign to Preserve and Maintain the Paoli Battlefield On September 21, 1777, a significant battle was fought by a heroic Continental force right here in MALVERN. Just after the serious defeat at Brandywine, Gen. Anthony Wayne camped here and prepared to attack...

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2001: What Was the Battle of the Bulge?

“It was, without any doubt, the greatest American battle of the Second World War and it will, I believe, always be considered as a great American victory.”  --Sir Winston Churchill The Allied landings in Normandy on June 6, 1944 dealt a psychological blow to the...

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2000: Gold Star Mothers

During the early days of World War I, a Service Flag was displayed from homes, places of business, churches, schools, etc., to indicate the number of members of the family or organizations who were serving in the Armed Forces. The Service Flags had a deep Blue Star to...

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